Changing the way we see brain health

A data-driven approach to mental health

  • 30+ years of research correlate body signals and mental health
  • Multiple biometrics (brain waves, heart rate, and more)
  • Simple integration and mobile capabilities

How NeuroFlow works

Comcast NBCUniversal features NeuroFlow in recent documentary

Built with Versatility in Mind

Seamlessly unite biometric data from multiple sources into a single platform to improve mental health and enhance human performance.
We are a digital health solution that analyzes real-time biometric data for mental health and enhanced performance applications.


Biometric data is instantly and securely streamed to the cloud. NeuroFlow analytics are displayed in real-time on our platform for immediate feedback.


Our platform can simultaneously analyze numerous modalities for deeper insights and to fit your needs.

Powerful Analytics

Our cutting-edge analytics only get smarter with the input of more data.


NeuroFlow uses plug-and-play devices that require minimal setup time and enable at-home capabilities.

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In the News

"If patients can use new technology to self monitor and I can get a report of their real-time results it would help me understand their triggers and causes of their stress/anxiety."
PsychiatristCounseling and Psychological Services
"It is very important for the person you are working with to be aware of what is going on in their bodies. Anything that gives body - based readings would be very helpful info to have."
PsychotherapistIntegrative Health Center
"The patient is able to see how they're reacting to the material that's being told to them. In therapy, you don't always know that you're making progress, but this way you can visibly see that you're making progress."
Laurie Deckard5PALMS Chief Clinical Officer