Mental illness affects many more people than you would think

Our Approach

Seamlessly unite biometric data from multiple sources into a single platform to improve mental health and enhance human performance.

NeuroFlow is a digital health company changing the way we see brain health. CEO and co-founder, Chris Molaro, believes that “the brain is one of the greatest last frontiers of science and technology. Our minds are connected to our bodies – and in a way that we can measure.” NeuroFlow’s software effectively serves as a bridge, leveraging biometric data that provides direct insight into the user’s physiological and mental state.

Our Story

For Molaro, this mission is personal. After graduating from the US Military Academy at West Point, he served in the Army for five years, including a tour in Iraq as a platoon leader. Coming back home, he witnessed firsthand how subjectivity in the mental health process too often results in poor quality of life and unnecessary financial costs, for Veterans and civilians alike.

​The need for an objective, quantitative platform to empower providers and their patients was clear. The potential of expanding into performance enhancement through biometric data-driven simulations and training was inspiring. Armed with a team of experts in neuroscience, physiology, and behavioral health, NeuroFlow was born.

Our Team

Eash Aggarwal

Lead Front-End and UI/UX Developer

Jaimie Carlson

Software Engineer Intern

Sam DeLuccia

Product Manager

Jacob Forstat

Bioengineer Intern

Emily Gerszberg

Research Intern

Bill Lynch

Data Scientist

Ellen McGeoch

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships

Chris Molaro


Chris Oaks

Lead Back-End Developer and Security Officer

Adam Pardes


Matt Weiss

Software Engineer

Adam Yaari


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