“This is so needed. I am so glad you guys put this together.” - Lorina Karreci, LCSW

Clinical Therapist
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Research shows that 70% of those who drop out of mental health care do so after just their first or second visit.

NeuroFlow’s HIPAA-compliant platform helps you:

  • Drive patient buy-in from day one
  • Boost patient engagement in the clinic and at home
  • Fuel business growth

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How NeuroFlow works

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"I have meditated off and on since I was a teenager. Nothing has aided my meditation as much as tracking and assessing my progress through NeuroFlow. NeuroFlow utilizes the latest portable EEG technology related to brain waves and meditative states, focused attention, and feedback related to prolonged exposure intervention in traumatic stress. It also utilizes heart rate tracking that can help you analyze your heart rate variability, a key indicator in of health. The best outcome I’ve had is that my blood pressure has come down to normal levels when it had been elevated!"
Karen B. Froming, PhD, ABPPDiplomate in Clinical Neuropsychology, Palo Alto University
"[NeuroFlow] is a quality product, that is user friendly and a great starting point for integrating biofeedback into clinical work. You and your staff have been more than helpful and responsive to feedback and questions, and have provided excellent customer service."
Dr. Kristin Van DorenClinical Psychologist, The Center
"The patient is able to see how they're reacting to the material that's being told to them. In therapy, you don't always know that you're making progress, but this way you can visibly see that you're making progress."
Laurie Deckard5PALMS Chief Clinical Officer