• A digital health platform for behavioral health specialists, leveraging evidence-based techniques to enhance patient engagement and compliance.

Driving Results That Make An Impact

Therapists may not be thanked often, portrayed in movies as superhuman, or wear capes to work. But make no mistake, they are heroes.

NeuroFlow’s mission is to be a resource and asset to therapists in their tireless pursuit to help their clients feel better faster.

How It Works: Improve Compliance and Engagement

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“After months of research (several years actually), I have finally found a professional mental health app I can offer to my patients that provides them with some important and helpful therapeutic options between sessions.“
Marion RollingsPhD Psychology

Extend your care without spending more time by using five empirically proven techniques to boost engagement

Your clients spend 99.4% of their time outside the clinic.
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EngageBH offers an optional add-on to leverage real-time data from wearable devices to visually demonstrate treatment effectiveness and progress.

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