Manage your mental wellness with NeuroFlow

NeuroFlow is a free mobile app built to support and reward you for strengthening your mind-body connection. Please note: you must be invited by your provider.

"This is a great app—it has great suggestions and meditation exercises to help lift your state of mind.”
– NeuroFlow User

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How does NeuroFlow work?

NeuroFlow helps to close the gap between you and your provider when it comes to caring for your mental health. Your healthcare provider or behavioral health specialist will assign simple, personalized activities to help you build skills towards improved mental wellness; plus, you get real world rewards for taking control of your mental health!

With NeuroFlow, you will be able to…

Complete evidence-based mindfulness, relaxation, and self-care activities


Earn real world rewards (redeemable at select retailers like Amazon, Whole Foods, and others)


Remain engaged in treatment outside of your provider’s office


Log your mood and sleep


And so much more!

Get started

1. Download the NeuroFlow app (available for Apple and Android phones) or sign up online after receiving your email invitation.                    Hint: You must be invited by your healthcare provider or behavioral health specialist to sign up for NeuroFlow


2. Complete activities once they’re assigned to you.
Hint: Click on your To Do List to see what’s next!


3. Register your PIPs Rewards account so you can redeem your real world rewards at your favorite stores.
Hint: Look for the star icon.


4. Explore and learn at your own pace!

Interested in using NeuroFlow?

Fill out the form below and we’ll send your provider information about how to offer NeuroFlow!

Additional information

How do I use NeuroFlow?

After registering for NeuroFlow, simply log into the NeuroFlow mobile app or using your email and password to access assignments, activities and crisis resources! Your provider may assign you activities to complete. These activities can come in different forms, but are all helpful in informing your provider or giving you helpful resources to stay on track with your mental health goals. Additionally, you’ll be prompted to record your mood and sleep on a regular basis.


If you’re having trouble, you can always access “Support Topics” on the platform or contact Contact support daily 9am-7pm EST

Why should I use NeuroFlow?

NeuroFlow is an effective tool giving your provider insight into your mental health and how it fits into the picture of treating you as “the whole person.” Mental health affects many aspects of our lives, and your provider has given you access to a free resource, the NeuroFlow app, for taking control of your total health, both mentally and physically!

How will my provider use NeuroFlow?

He or she will send you activities or assessments that he/she wants you to complete. These activities are assigned to you to help you and your provider best care for your holistic health.

Will my provider have full access to what I do within the app?

In order to best support you, your provider will be able to review a majority of the activities and assessments you complete..

Can I choose not to share things with my provider in the app?

There are some activities you have the option to keep private, such as journal entries. However, NeuroFlow is a tool to help providers best support you, so most information is made available to the provider..

Does the NeuroFlow app protect my private information?

Yes! NeuroFlow is a fully HIPAA-compliant platform and puts several measures in place to protect patient health information..

Do I have to pay for NeuroFlow?

No—downloading the NeuroFlow app or accessing the website is completely free!.

Can I choose to stop using NeuroFlow?

NeuroFlow is designed to be a beneficial resource for you, and because your provider has asked you to complete assessments and activities through NeuroFlow, it is likely important to them. However, NeuroFlow is voluntary, and you may choose to stop using NeuroFlow..

How do I un-enroll in NeuroFlow?

To un-enroll in NeuroFlow, contact your provider and they will remove you from their system..

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still access the same great benefits of the NeuroFlow app through our web platform..

Technical questions?

If you need help setting up your NeuroFlow account or accessing the app, contact tech support at Also, you can use the chat box on Contact support daily 9am-7pm EST

If you enjoy the app, please give us a rating and review on the app store!