• An evidence-based digital health platform that integrates behavioral health into primary care, pain management, and other clinical settings.

Integrate mental health access & engagement easily into your workflow

IntegrateHealth by NeuroFlow is:

• HIPAA compliant

• Interoperable with EMRs

• Automated for convenience


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Relievus Pain Management achieved 3X ROI while improving patient outcomes with IntegrateHealth by NeuroFlow

Driving Measurable Outcomes Through Sustained Engagement


patients reporting a reduction in depression or anxiety symptoms


patients with moderate to severe depression or anxiety improved to mild or better


of highest risk users exhibited improvements in less than 4 weeks



patient activities completed on the platform


average number of activities completed by a patient in the 1st month


patient engagement rate*

*measured by patients still on platform after 6 weeks and engaged in first 2 weeks

"NeuroFlow will deliver better outcomes and reduce the administrative burden placed on our providers"
Dr. Stephen KlaskoPresident and CEO, Jefferson Health

Behavioral health integration, made easy

Helping you easily adopt Behavioral Health Integration


Streamlining the mental health continuum of care

From patients to BH specialists to primary care and beyond


Why is behavioral health important in other care settings?

References: [1] University of Washington’s AIMS Center. [2] Kessler et al, NEJM, 2006. [3] Hoge et al, JAMA, 2006



of antidepressant RXs are written by PCPs



of all behavioral health disorders are treated in primary care



of referrals to a BH specialist don’t show up

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