Originally appeared on Philly Mag, written by Fabiola Cineas.

At the start of the year, BizPhilly identified ten of the city’s most promising startups to watch, and in just six months, each company has already made significant gains, whether they added on new team members, won awards, launched a product or program or raised funding. Each startup is still a leader in its industry. Here’s what they’ve each been up to in the past few months and why you’ll be watching them indefinitely:

Team: “The past few months have been a whirlwind and very exciting,” NeuroFlow told Philly Mag. The company hired a few more people and has grown to 12 full-time employees.

New Business: “We have grown 183 percent Q1 and Q2, bringing us to 75 clinics and hospitals in four countries,” founder and CEO Chris Molaro told Philly Mag. The startup also recently announced a partnership with Smart Health Innovation Lab to get certified to work with Capital Blue Cross and Lancaster General Hospital.

Recognition: The startup was APA’s featured tech talk at the organization’s recent DC conference. And MedTech Boston named it a top five mental health tech company in the U.S. The startup was also voted the most innovative mental health technology at the 2018 Psych Congress Conference.

Year-End Goal: “We’re going to be in 300 clinics by the end of the year, and as the summer wraps up, we are going to complete the certification program gearing up for a full launch with Capital Blue Cross’s 1.7 million members and Lancaster General Hospital,” said Molaro.

High Praise: Dr. Kathy Calabrese, a NeuroFlow client said recently, “I have recently begun to use an interactive program with my clients, one that empowers them to participate more fully in their therapeutic process. The NeuroFlow team embodies commitment to furthering growth and innovating in the mental health field. Chris and Sam are great guys and have inspired me to be a better clinician.”

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