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In celebration of the vibrant startup community in Austin, TX, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. (Otsuka) brought together innovators and startups in a live Pitch Event to spark the next generation of innovation in mental health care. Held at Elevate by Psych Congress, a gathering of up-and-coming leaders in mental health care, the event featured some of the most groundbreaking technologies in the mental health marketplace.

Six entrepreneurs presented compelling pitches about their investment-ready companies and technologies to an audience of health care experts, providers, and investors. Not only did the pitches showcase the latest thinking in digital and patient engagement approaches, U.S. Psych Congress awarded the winner $5,000 to support the ongoing development of their technology platform.

“At Otsuka, we are proud of our commitment to developing innovative solutions. At the heart of this work is addressing mental health disorders and supporting patients and caregivers,” said Andrew Wright, vice president of Digital Medicine for Otsuka. “We are thrilled to support this Pitch Event and Elevate by Psych Congress. By convening some of the best entrepreneurs in technology and mental health, and giving them an opportunity to engage directly with the leading experts in the field, we can spark new conversations and road-test new ideas.”

The pitch companies showcased technologies that address unmet needs in the mental health community. These included technologies that impact medication adherence, solutions that address mental health literacy and the need for understanding side effects and medication regimes, innovations that address early detection and the promotion of wellness and services that have bridged the gap in education and self-advocacy.

The winner of the 2018 Pitch Event at Elevate by Psych Congress was NeuroFlow, a Philadelphia-based and veteran-founded creator of technology to supports individuals with mental illness. Through the capture of real-time and secure patient-generated data, including biometrics, questionnaires and journaling, NeuroFlow’s technology platform supports patients with their treatments via monitoring, positive reinforcement, and targeted guidance. By helping to improve treatment retention and protocol adherence, NeuroFlow promotes better health outcomes for patients and business growth for providers. They are fully launching their platform the first week of March after a successful beta phase with over two-dozen clinics around the country that specialize in CBT, mindfulness and exposure therapies.

“The support of Otsuka and Psych Congress is exciting to everyone at NeuroFlow,” said Christopher Molaro, CEO, and Co-Founder of NeuroFlow. “The fact Psych Congress attendees chose NeuroFlow is validation to the value of our technology and to our belief that technology can play an important role in understanding and supporting those with mental illness and thank Otsuka for their support in that journey.”

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