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Tech. Innovation. Cutting-edge. When considering these buzzwords, one place comes to mind: Silicon Valley. For the vast majority of people, this southern stretch of the San Francisco Bay area is the undisputed epicentre of modern technology.

With Google, Apple and Facebook among the roster of tech giants that call Silicon Valley their home, it’s no surprise that the region is the go-to source for anyone wanting an insight into revolutionary new innovations.

What’s more, the dynamic creativeness of SV’s inhabitants and the quirks of their work culture are part of its powerful appeal as a haven for visionary entrepreneurs. But, in the era of billion-dollar businesses being run from a bedroom, it would be foolish to ignore the goings-on outside of Northern California.

Exciting new startups are appearing around the globe and, likewise, they’re finding locations that provide an equally innovation-friendly environment to set up shop.

Philadelphia, US

Although US hubs such as San Jose and San Francisco have largely dominated the domestic tech industry, skyrocketing rental prices and oversaturation are causing budding entrepreneurs to consider other, more accessible US alternatives.

Enter Philadelphia, a combination of affordable real estate and fantastic proximity to major metropolises have made it the exciting newcomer on the US tech scene.

The city is home to several prestigious universities, with healthcare and technology a particular specialism amongst them.

As such, the city has been the setting for exciting ventures such as the Healthcare Innovation Collaborative. Perhaps, for this reason, Philadelphia has fostered a strong culture of entrepreneurship. In response to complaints of a lack of funding for grassroots business, the city council have introduced StartUp PHL, a framework to encourage startup ventures in the city.

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NeuroFlow – This startup came into existence after US veteran Chris Molaro became concerned with the negative impact of poorly informed mental health care on patients. This app uses insightful analytics and monitoring to make sure professionals get comprehensive breakdowns of their patients’ condition and are able to provide more targeted treatment. The group has been making impressive headway, receiving a $1.25 million investment last year.

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