Customer Feedback

"The more time that I spend exploring NeuroFlow the more potential I see it as having. I very much want your company to succeed as it has the potential to make the world a better place by enabling clinicians to do a better job in helping patients."
Glenn WeinerPhD, LCP, BCN
"This platform allows for the patient do it whenever they want - I love that flexibility. Allows me to say to them 'do this particular homework and I can see it soon.' It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s data that I have available. Price and accessibility is great."
Suhadee HenriquezDiplomate, Academy of Cognitive Therapy
"I liked it enough that I subscribed for a year for myself and for my wife, a pediatric neuropsychologist. This way we can keep in touch with our athletes when they are not in the office and ensure that they are doing their homework and other exercises. This version doesn't cost more than a couple cups of coffee at Starbucks a month."
Bob ConderPsyD, Clinical, Rehabilitation, & Sports Neuropsychology
"I have recently begun to use an interactive program with my clients, one that empowers them to participate more fully in their therapeutic process. The NeuroFlow team embodies commitment to furthering growth and innovating in the mental health field. Chris and Sam are great guys and have inspired me to be a better clinician."
Kathy CalabresePhD, LMFT, BCN
"I’ve never seen a more comprehensive behavioral health platform."
"NeuroFlow is a great and effective program. Using this in our practice improves our patients' daily functionality and quality of their lives with a more accurate diagnosis and treatments."
Young LeeMD, Pain Management
"Just saw a client—she used the phone flash HRV and her reading indicated high stress. Then we did a neurofeedback session. Her ‘HRV’ indicated optimum relaxation! Awesome!"
Kathy CalabresePhD, LMFT, BCN
"I am using NeuroFlow in my practice. My clients and I are learning so much and enjoying a new partner in our work."
Kathy CalabresePhD, LMFT, BCN
"I’ve been surprised by the ease of use of the platform.Technology can play an important role in mental health treatment and my clients have responded very positively to integrating this technology into our treatment sessions.
Brian DalyDirector of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Drexel University
"I have been amazed at the vastness of different things that can be accomplished within NeuroFlow’s platform, whether it be from a research or counseling perspective."
Gene CowartTeacher, AP Psychology
"This is so needed. I am so glad you guys put this together."
Lorina KarreciClinical Therapist, Development Centers Inc
"The most surprising experience about NeuroFlow is the INCREDIBLE customer service - their response time to questions and comments is unparalleled."
Dr. Pamela Calvert-HirtClinical Psychologist
"I have meditated off and on since I was a teenager. Nothing has aided my meditation as much as tracking and assessing my progress through NeuroFlow. NeuroFlow utilizes the latest portable EEG technology related to brain waves and meditative states, focused attention, and feedback related to prolonged exposure intervention in traumatic stress. It also utilizes heart rate tracking that can help you analyze your heart rate variability, a key indicator in of health. The best outcome I’ve had is that my blood pressure has come down to normal levels when it had been elevated!"
Karen B. Froming, PhD, ABPPDiplomate in Clinical Neuropsychology, Palo Alto University
"[NeuroFlow] is a quality product, that is user friendly and a great starting point for integrating biofeedback into clinical work. You and your staff have been more than helpful and responsive to feedback and questions, and have provided excellent customer service."
Dr. Kristin Van DorenClinical Psychologist, The Center
"The patient is able to see how they're reacting to the material that's being told to them. In therapy, you don't always know that you're making progress, but this way you can visibly see that you're making progress."
Laurie Deckard5PALMS Chief Clinical Officer