Originally published in Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review, by Jessica Kim Cohen.

Two graduate students from the Philadelphia-based University of Pennsylvania co-founded NeuroFlow, a startup to help inform mental health treatment, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Chris Molaro, CEO of NeuroFlow and a 2017 MBA graduate of UPenn, and Adam Pardes, COO of NeuroFlow and a bioengineering PhD candidate currently on leave from the university, developed the data analytics platform, which analyzes information from wearable devices. The platform is meant to provide clinicians with measures related to a patient’s mental health characteristics, such as stress markers.

“It’s not about replacing clinicians or making a diagnosis in five minutes, but about really trying to understand how someone’s feeling quantitatively rather than by just relying on self-reporting,” Mr. Pardes told The Daily Pennsylvanian.

NeuroFlow, which has eight full-time employees with backgrounds in software engineering, bioengineering, and business, has been deployed at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and several local clinics.

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